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  •  Ongoing coaching and mentoring: giving you a smooth transition into the often demanding life of professional practice
  •  Safe and supportive learning environment: We love what we do and never tire of teaching and guiding 
  •  Written scripts and procedures: So that you have every angle of practice success covered and won't forget it
  •  Excellent pay structure (our first-year associates make £30-50K+ and our 2nd year earn £80k+: We want you to make great money as you learn, live an enviable lifestyle and set yourself up to earn phenomenally well when you leave
  •  Develop a high level of clinical confidence: Chiropractic is NOT about pushing on the stuck bits and rubbing out and stretching the tight ones. If you approach chiropractic like that you will not see the healing miracles. 
  •  Learn how to expertly handle the wide variety of cases that you see in professional practice: let's face it, we see a lot of difficult chronic bodies, you need a vast skillset to address the needs of the modern patient
  •  Learn how to handle the difficult patients: Be able to think through the neurological and physiological hierarchy to work out what needs to be done first, next and last to help those patients most in need
  •  Mastery of your communication: Have your clients truly understand, want and appreciate your skills
  •  Mastery of your adjusting skills: There have been advancements in our understanding of spinal biomechanics, if you learn to adjust according to these principles you can achieve very high levels of confidence in your abilities and consistent and predictable results, even after just 1 session. 
  •  Learn how to predictably and repeatably correct the posture of every patient: This means having them stand perfectly upright, without any effort, every time. Posture is the most misunderstood and important factor of good spinal health, and as a modern chiropractor, you should be THE go-to expert for correcting functional, structural problems. 
  •  Learn functional muscle testing and be able to quickly and accurately find the causes of the complaint: Being able to assess the full triad of health, the PHYSICAL, CHEMICAL and EMOTIONAL sides of health required. 
  •  Develop expert observational skills: Every adjustment you make has a chain reaction that affects the whole body - can you notice that and can you explain it?
  •  A deep understanding and application of structural correction and the ideal spine: restoring spinal curves is critical, because of the mechanical effect that it places upon the meninges and spinal cord - a clinical detail that is still widely misunderstood and poorly addressed. If you want to see regular miracles and be able to rebuild healthy bodies you need to learn this. Having patients lie on foam wedges or spinal traction devices is counterproductive and unnecessary.
  •  The clinical skills required to fix old injuries and primary problems that are not in the spine: Many patients present with complex problems that have imbalances which are not related to the spine, yet affect the spine. A deeper holistic knowledge and skillset is required for predictable and consistent results. 
  •  A deep understanding and application of lifestyle health enhancement strategies: A lifetime of wellness is only possible with a scientifically validated lifestyle strategy that systematically reduces systemic stress and provides a pure and sufficient input physically, emotionally and chemically to attain homeostasis. This is the chiropractic paradigm of health, and it is backed up by science and your patients need to learn it and want to make sense of it. 
  •  Learn to lead yourself: Clinical practice can be demanding when you throw in the added stress of running your future practice your level of productivity can get capped off way below your potential. The factor that limits your growth is hardly ever external, its usually an internal capacity problem to do with your level of personal power. We will teach, guide and mentor you on a system of living that we call "Reverse Engineered Production" that will show you the science of finding your power every single day. Those who do this unique work rise up as leaders, for the simple reason that they demonstrate a powerful leadership over themselves. 
  •  Become your own guru and guide: One of the great challenges that we face each day is the stress from challenges and triggers that life throws in our way. We will teach you how to extract fuel, wisdom and revelation from the story of your own life, enabling you to turn issues into inspiration and navigate your own way through complex problems without needing the council of others. Choosing to be coached will be an option for you, not a necessity. 
  •  Learn to lead others: Being able to nurture and support the growth of firstly your clients (and in the future your team) is THE crucial distinguishing factor between great and mediocre businesses. 
  •  Learn to manage your time expertly: Our daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly lifestyle systems of challenge based living will teach you how to literally "compress time". You will learn to get more done in 90 days than most people get done in two years. 
  •  Develop the key skillsets and mindsets of the Chiroprenuer: A doctor is a healer, a healer must be a leader if they are to make an impact, and leaders lead movements that matter. We will change the way that you see yourself from an associate chiropractor to an entrepreneur that grows, manages and leads a movement. This demands a unique series of skills that are not common to the traditional chiropractor.
  •  Deep understanding of systems, sales, advertising, marketing, fulfilment, automation, strategy, growing people: These are the skillsets that quite honestly must be mastered if you want to develop freedom in your career. There is no way around it. The path of the Chiropreneur is the path of deep learning and broad skillsets. 
  •  Find your voice: Those with a mission have a message. We will teach you how to get this message out of your head and into the minds and hearts of the people that you will be leading. This is one of the hardest skills to learn but it is also very learnable. We will help you find your own unique and powerful voice.  
  •  Save yourself 10+ years of frustration and 10's of thousands of pounds in investment learning what is required to make a massive success of your career: The world is littered with chiropractors who get stuck in a rut and stop developing, becoming burned out and frustrated because their dreams have been unrealised and the path to materialising them remains unclear. 
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